"And now for an exercise in absurdity: a nurse who refuses to prescribe contraception is suing a family planning clinic because it refused to hire her. It refused to hire her for a very simple reason, which probably seems obvious: It’s a family planning clinic, and she refused to perform family planning services. Rather than take that as a fairly reasonable basis for rejection, and conclude that perhaps she would be happier and of more use in a different context (a crisis pregnancy center, perhaps), the nurse decided to sue the clinic, claiming that it discriminated against her on the basis of her religion."


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Her: Pay me to do this job.

Them: Will you actually do the job?

Her: No.





Them: No.

Her: HOW DARE YOU! Discrimination! Do you know how hard it is to be a white christian in America these days? Well, I’m not sitting at the back of the bus anymore! I’m going to SUE you!

Them: The fuck?!

Everyone else: No really, the actual fuck?

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here’s a dating tip
if your partner suffers social anxiety or is an introvert, do not force them to go out on a date or hang out with you. more than likely, being alone relaxes their anxiety and recharges their energy. so respect that. and don’t bug them about it or take it personally. you’ll make their anxiety worse or just end up making them feel guilty as shit.
this goes for friends too. don’t do that to your friends.

Someone finally said it

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Thin privilege is never worrying about going to a train station, fairground, or sporting event where turnstiles are used.

Thin privilege is never having to sheepishly ask the nearby attendant if you can use the disabled entrance because you can’t fit through the turnstile.

Thin privilege is never having people mock you or laugh behind your back when they see you struggling to get through a turnstile.

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Next older person to complain about millennials has to pay off a random 20-something’s student loans

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a good 60% of posts making fun of MRAs are unrebloggable to me bc they throw fatness in there under reasons MRAs are terrible

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I can’t stop laughing

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sirius i never understood why you act so guilty like why couldn’t you say “nah im just here to kill the rat” instead of “only one will die tonight”

I think people just haven’t completely grasped the concept that Sirius Black is the biggest drama queen of all time

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The body politic: the relationship between stigma and obesity-associated disease


A very interesting take on the obesity epidemic and fat shaming.  It points out that many of the same illnesses associated with obesity are also known to be caused by stress.  It then measures people’s levels of various diseases, comparing people with the same BMI but coming from different cultures/sub-cultures with different levels of fat shaming and diet pushing, and finds that the people from fat-shaming and diet-pushing subcultures are significantly less healthy than those from other, more accepting subcultures. It concludes that a lot of the poor health of obese people comes from societal pressures, not from direct physiological effects of their weight.

It also makes for an interesting case study of (societally-induced) mental illness manifesting as dangerous physical illnesses.

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