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Kiss my fat ass: knife-crocodile: ah wait blood sugar and diabetes go hand-in-hand that...








ah wait blood sugar and diabetes go hand-in-hand

that was actually my bad i fess up

still bitch it be ugly and unhealthy to be that massive

your heart may take it but what about ulcers or kidney failure or the uggo virus

Actually no, again you are grasping at straws….

it’s cowardly to not want to have to reblog a wall of text all the time? um… ‘kay

and attraction is subjective though it seems that a fair few people find you to be ugly

and since when did i deem myself “hot?” i’m pretty fuckin’ rad but am in no way attractive since i’m, y’know, chubby n all

needless to say as much of a cop-out as it is, i have no camera

plus, i’m not OBLIGATED to show you what i look like, especially since you’ll just go on about your sex life which nobody cares about

look, you’re fat and ugly

to me

some people are either desperate enough or are somehow genuinely into baconators to bone you


Ok, that’s fair, some closed-minded fatphobic white people might think I am ugly. You are too brainwashed by your narrow, racist standards of beauty to see genuine attractiveness. Honestly even if I were ugly I would still be a better person than you in every way. I feel so bad for you that you hate yourself so much and are projecting that on me. Let me go cry in a corner because some pathetic self-hating dieter thinks I’m ugly! Oh god go worship your thinspo.

what does being white have anything to do with me thinking you’re a -1/10?

and does anyone know what a thinspo is?

like dude what

i’m self-hating for working out?

……. sure

Being white has EVERYTHING to do with it you dumbass, do you not understand that your standard of attractiveness is entirely determined by you being white? You stupid fuckers assume your standard is universal and objective, you are wrong. And sure, plenty of people of color worship thinness, but it originated with racist, classist white people and is now spreading all over the world like a disease. Yes, I understand white people do not generally find women like myself attractive, they do not appreciate curviness and are extremely closed-minded in general. I don’t care what white people think about my body. You clearly hate yourself because you hate fat people and you yourself are fat, god what kind of mental gymnastics do you have to do to look at yourself in the mirror? Jesus fucking christ if you didn’t hate yourself you wouldn’t be so offended by the fact that I love myself. 



dude really


wow, i thought people like you were only jokes, like nessie and sasquatch

girl, i’ve dated outside my race

i have friends who aren’t white

if anything, you’re the racist for being so vehemently anti-white

seriously, just stop now

i tried to take you seriously, but i just can’t because you’re so



jesus fuck, man, wow

Yeah Strom Thurmond also impregnated a black woman while campaigning against desegregation. Just because you associate with people of color does not make you NOT RACIST. And guess what, being anti-white dominance is not the same as being anti-white. I just hate the fact that you people go about assuming that what you believe is universal. I have no problem with white people if they have the decency not to use the N word and to be accepting of other cultures and other standards of beauty. And guess what, anyone with a lick of sense will explain to you that racism is about a system of perpetuated inequality, not when whitey gets their feelings hurt for being called out. I am against you white people forcing your views on others, and then denying that that is racist. I am so “tumblr?” Really? Because there seem to be a lot more ignorant hateful people on here than socially conscious ones, so you seem a lot more “tumblr” to me.

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"Like all dominant groups, men are often stuck in a state of arrested development that can wrap them in an almost childlike obliviousness, grandiosity, and sense of entitlement in relation to women. This insulates them from the adult responsibility to know what’s going on and to move toward doing something about it, a responsibility that includes coming to terms with the reality of privilege and the oppression that supports it."

- Allan G. Johnson (via wretchedoftheearth)

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White privelege is the luxury of walking around all day assuming your cultural norms and ideals are not only the most universal, but unquestionably legitimate, adaptive, and derived from natural, biological tendencies. These assumptions are in fact so ingrained that many don’t even think of them as “assumptions.” Additionally you have many people of color, including the majority of non-Black POC, bending over to lick your buttholes because they’ve bought into your bullshit.

After all, if you all are on top, whatever you believe must be right!


- stupiduglyfatcunt


Lol, how cute.

Hegemony is the most apt word of all

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